Capital Campaign

Design Phase

Churches have so much information at their fingertips, but often don’t have the knowledge, time or focus to mine that data to enhance ministry.  We provide analytics to help you project financial capacity, as well as engagement of your people.  Understanding engagement will bring sharper focus to communication throughout the campaign process.

Leadership Phase

Each church has a unique leadership culture. We bring coaching content from working with some of the leading pastors in America. Using 1 Chronicles 29 as a model, we also approach leaders to respond first and set in motion momentum necessary for campaign success.  Our proven process will help your leadership set the pace toward your vision becoming reality and reaching your full ministry potential.

Congregational Phase

In worship services, small groups, and individual devotional support, each person will be challenged to discover God’s will for him or her to deeply connect to God’s vision for your church.


Elements of the Church wide phase Include: 

  1. Coaching on worship services in a campaign environment, including the final commitment event
  2. Assist in the training of small group leaders
  3. Give direction on commitment process
  4. Dramatically Impact the advance commitments of core leadership
  5. Lay the foundation for effective campaign follow up