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The Ready Process

Ready Vision

Cultures are constantly changing, even in your church. Before you can create a culture that can act on your vision, you have to understand where the culture is.

Our Culture Assessment Process will give us a grasp of your present reality and the desire for a new defined vision.

Ready Message

How can we expect people to give to something they do not clearly understand, especially when people interact on different levels in your church?

We help develop a culture of ready by creating a compelling communication strategy that helps you define the message, tailor it for each level of engagement and broadcast it across multiple channels.


Ready Plan

A culture of ready happens when vision and clarity result in grace-filled giving as individuals grow in the principles of generosity.

We will help your church members find unique and vital roles in fulfilling God’s purpose in your church. By having these principles deeply ingrained in your culture, they will be ready to respond when you are.

“Doug Turner was my first personal coach in fund-raising and stewardship, and he changed my life and ministry. Doug served as our main consultant for two very successful capital campaigns at Redeemer. I highly recommend him and his services to any church or organization that wants to grow in these same areas.” 

Tim Keller

Pastor, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

What Does It Mean to be Ready?

Is the movement in our lives from grace to gratitude to generosity.

Is being spiritually fit now exercise discernment at optimal levels later.

 Is the disciplines that give confidence when the heat of ministry is the most intense.

Is having done the work to now accomplish what you are made for.

Is the certainty of training so you can respond to the mystery of following.

is objective knowledge that comes before subjective discernment.

Is disciples walking three and a half years with Jesus to be able to respond in the face of disappointment and the promise of resurrection power.

READY isn’t just accomplishing the vision. It is laying the foundation for the vision.  It is what every professional has spent years doing.  READY is what every championship team understands.  It is combining preparation with timely implementation. 

READY is being poised to move when opportunity presents itself.

Let Us Help You Get Ready.

Experience grace-filled READINESS so God and opportunity intersect

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